Planet Meat is the planet on which Dodoria's elite murdered Bardock's friends.


Bardock flew as fast as he could, trying to find his friends, after a great deal of searching, he found them. Unfortunately, he arrived just in time watch them die, but just as he was about to leave to report this to the king, he saw that Tora was still alive. Tora, using the last of his energy, explained how this happened to them and then died. Bardock vowing to avenge his friends, was about to fly away, when he was attacked by whom he recognized as Dodoria's men.


Bardock's statsEdit

Ki: 0/8,000

Attack: 800

Speed: 8,000

HP: 811/8,000

Dodoria's elites' stats:Edit

Kis: 5,000

Attack: 500

Speed: 5,000

HP: 000/5,000



  • Bardock fires six Final Spirit Cannons, five hit causing 40,000 damage

As Bardock revelled in his victory, Dodoria showed up.

Dodoria's statsEdit

Ki: 20,991/21,000

Attack: 2,100

Speed: 21,000

HP: 0/21,000

  • Bardock fires 20 Smaller versions of Final Spirit Cannon at at Dodoria 5 hit causing 5,600 damage
  • Dodoria fires a Mouth blast causing 189 damage
  • Bardock sacrifices 7,000 HP for ki, condenses it into a Full power energy wave and fires it at Dodoria causing 28,000 damage

Bardock, learning his visions were actually premonitions, quickly went to Planet Vegeta Hoping to reach on time...

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