This is Frieza's ship.


King Vegeta knew he had to finish this soon, the lives of his people were at stake, as he was running through the corridor, he finally came across a door. This was it, he kicked the door open and there he was... The tyrant Frieza. King Vegeta, knowing he stood no chance in his normal form, threw a Power Ball into the cockpit and transformed...


King Vegeta's statsEdit

Ki: 0/11,000

Attack: 1,100

Speed: 11,000

HP: 0/11,000

Frieza's statsEdit

Ki: 0/530,000

Attack: 53,000

Speed: 530,000

HP: 260,000/530,000

  • King Vegeta puts all his energy into a Super Galick Gun and fires it Frieza, unfortunately for him, it missed
  • Frieza simply smiled as he sipped some wine as he watched Vegeta revert to his normal form.
  • "You...You alien weakling..I will destroy you. Just like all the races we destroyed!" The King said as he fired out a thin purple beam at Frieza, his sacrifice was in vain, for Frieza was simply too fast.
  • He put the glass to his lips again and tilted, before realizing he didn't feel anything flow into it. He was already out of the delicious red liquid, he calmly threw it behind him. Smashing into the head of one of the soldiers, the glass punctured through his head causing bright red to gush from the glass shards "Zarbon, get me more wine. " The small tyrant said as he lightly chuckled at the scream of the soldier, it was time to eradicate the saiyans.

"FRIEZA! COME OUT AND FIGHT!" Bardock yelled as he rushed into the horde of soldiers just outside Frieza's ship, ripping through

Bardock's statsEdit

Ki: 0/10,000

Attack: 1,000

Speed: 10,000

HP: 10,000/10,000

100 soldiersEdit

20 HP each

  • Bardock screamed and threw a Riot Javelin, utterly decimating all of the soldiers.

As Bardock blasted his way through his soldiers, the top of Frieza's ship had a small hatch open as Frieza calmly rose out of it in a small hover chair. He grinned at the pathetic saiyan coming towards him, he was going to have some fun with this.

  • Bardock started charging energy in his hand, with more energy coming from the saiyans back on Vegeta swirling into it. "This is it, this'll change everything. My fate, Kakarots fate. And most of all, YOUR FATE FRIEZA!" He threw the blast at Frieza, who calmly rose a single finger and charged a small orange ball above it. As the blast got closer the ball nearly instantly grew gigantic, absorbing a blast that was strong enough to kill one of the Ginyu Force, just as the Saiyan army lost all hope, something happened... The ball was dissipating, Frieza looked up in shock, the Saiyans' energy ball had disintegrated his Death Ball and was coming straight for him, Frieza simply chuckled at the blast, it surprised him for a moment but his scouter bleeped and then exploded as it checked the power level. It was pathetic compared to him, but it hit causing 150,000 damage and incinerated Frieza's hoverchair.
  •  Frieza calmly stared at the saiyan, for 5 miliseconds. Before rushing towards him and smashing him straight in the face, causing 26,500 damage and killing the Saiyan.
  • Frieza sighed and formed another Orange Ball, this time much larger than the previous one, all the Saiyans began to scramble, attempting to escape, but it was too late. Frieza threw the Ball at the Planet, and it was all over. The Ball caused 350,000 damage and destroyed the planet, annihilating the Saiyans.

And so, the Planet was destroyed, a once proud race now non-existant, however, there was a survivor... A baby Saiyan sent to Earth in a space pod, this marked the start of great story... The story of the Dragon Balls.

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